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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Here's some interesting tidbits from CNN's exit polls:

Romney wins amongst pro-life voters, McCain wins amongst pro-choice voters.

Romney wins amongst voters who say they attend church weekly or monthly. McCain wins amongst those who attend church a few times a year or never.

Romney wins amongst those who feel that illegal immigration or terrorism are the most important issues. McCain gets the most votes from those who place the war in Iraq or the economy first.

Romney wins amongst white voters, McCain wins amongst Latino voters.

17% of voters in the GOP primary were independents, with McCain winning 44% of those, or 143,000 votes from independents. His overall margain of victory was 96,000 votes.



Blogger Charles Ratliff said...

Just FYI...

The smartest thing Mitt could do,

to rejuvenate outside interest in the campaign,

to bring in lost women conservatives who want to see a women in the White House,

and generate amazing free press in the mainstream media,

would be one simple thing...

and that thing would be to announce Gov. Sarah Palin as his VP!

For more info see


2:39 PM  
Blogger D.I.T said...

As a Florida resident I have felt betrayed from the Florida primary election result. I wish that all Americans from the east coast to the west could see Mitt Romney as the great man that I know him to be. Our great nation deserves the best and all that we can give it. Today Mark Levin of the National Review has published a well articulated, concise and very poignant article highlighting how we must unite behind Mitt Romney for the better of our country.

9:48 PM  
Blogger Jibreel Riley said...

Arizona make a STATEMENT for Mitt and America!

3:09 AM  
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