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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Romney beat McCain amongst conservatives, but McCain gets the liberal and moderate vote. Click here for CNN's coverage.


Blogger Charles Ratliff said...

Dear Mitt,

I know you've probably thought this all over a million times, but I feel compelled to write you. I've been all over the the campaign, the Romney Blogs, and the internet as a whole, and like you I am very proud of the course we've taken thus far. I do have some simple thoughts I have gleaned, and feel would be of great help in giving the average voter an opportunity to differentiate between you and John McCain. It seems these points have not been given much attention or appropriately emphasized.

1) AGE: It is a sensitive issue I suppose, but a real issue that should be addressed! McCain will be 73 if he were to move in the Oval Office. He's not the sharpest tool in the shed as it is, so what would it be like in 2011, 2012 when he's 76 and 77 yrs of age respectively? Is it fair to the American people to have a 77 year old John McCain on point in 2012? Not a pretty thought!

2) PARTY VIABILITY: This leaves the Republican party in a true lame duck position throughout the next presidential cycle, nothing will be accomplished in Washington if McCain were to win, as the Dem's know he could not possibly go a second term! And here we go again...

3) CONSERVATIVE LOYALTY: McCain was on the edge of leaving the Rep Party in 2001! He had extensive talks with Daschle, Kennedy, Edwards, etc. regarding the framework, of committee memberships etc., and the specifics of the deal. His people approached Kerry to be his VP running mate for heaven's sake!

4) REAL CHANGE: McCain is an lifetime career politician, thats not the way the founding fathers intended this deal to go. He has his hands in too many pockets at this point to be the agent of real change. It, as they said, leads to unholy alliances! (You, and Regan are an example of how it should be!)

5) VP: I know this is your decision, and you certainly know better than I, but I am suggesting you let it out that you are strongly considering Gov. Sarah Palin as your VP. This will go a long way to bring back lost conservative women (And women in general who are on the fence) who earnestly want to see a women in the White House. Not to mention the avalanche of free media it will generate!!!

I suggest to you, it is late in the game, the gloves are off, and the people of America need to know the truth about John McCain, the person they think they're voting for! It is now you're responsibility to get the information out there. The average voter needs and wants this information. I know, speaking for myself of course, we all want you to make a spirited, hard fought campaign while remaining the gentleman you are... I feel however you must go after these points with a vengeance, hammer away at them, and make them points of the campaign! These things can rejuvenate the outside interest in your run for the White House, while cooling McCain's jets just a little!

It is I'm afraid as simple as this. If you (God forbid) didn't get the nomination Mitt, we are all in for a horror show of US politics the likes of which has never been seen before! It will indeed be a long, cold 4-8 years of higher taxes, huge entitlement spending, free running illegal immigration, and the list just goes on and on, because, you and I both know, John McCain can not win the general election!

Please seriously consider the above. Thank you for your valuable time, and consideration.

Best Wishes From A Big Time Supporter!

Charles R.
Solvang, CA.

11:45 PM  
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